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Area of Coverage

Tania caters clients from different countries!


Send us a message to inquire or you can check our scheduling page.

Tania is Here to Help

Do you feel anxious, sad, or depressed? Do you question whether you have autism or ADHD? Do you need help with your family or loved ones? Or do you frequently feel the desire to talk to a mental health professional?

Let Tania assist you! She has special knowledge of the following areas: narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, PTSD, cults, trauma, twice exceptionality, giftedness, highly sensitive people, gender dysphoria or identity core self concerns, and many more.


Can I negotiate a price?

Yes, Tania’s fees are negotiable. Just email us at 

Is Tania's fee in US dollar?

Yes, fees are in US dollar but you can email us at to negotiate

Do you accept health insurance?

Tania is currently accepting NDIS (based in Australia). You can check with your insurance company if they cover Psychotherapy.

Do you offer online and face to face consultation?

Tania is only offering online consultation using zoom. If you have other preferred platforms, you can let us know.

What if the time I prefer is not within Tania's availability

Kindly send us an email at and we will see if Tania can adjust and accommodate a certain time especially if it’s due to different countries’ time differences.